From Fashion School to Careers in Fashion

The day has finally come. You have completed your fashion school program and are walking toward the podium to accept your fashion school diploma—that small piece of paper that will open a world of possibilities to you. The next step seems obvious, to go forth and start your career in fashion. But where do you begin? Some of today's top fashion schools are teaching aspiring fashionistas and sartorialists the “ins and outs” of this fast paced industry. It’s no longer enough to be talented, you must also be resourceful. Fashion schools give you the technical skills and training you need to succeed in this exciting field.

Networking, self-promotion and personality can put you on the road to entry level fashion jobs. Willingness to relocate is also in your best interest when trying to enter into the industry. While New York and Los Angeles are fashion Meccas, you may have to pay your dues elsewhere before hitting the big-time. If you stay open minded, hone your skills through top fashion design schools and hustle, you can reach success in careers in fashion.

Choose the Right School to Begin Your Fashion Career

While many people choose careers in fashion due to a love of sewing or clothing design, there are, in fact, many fashion jobs in this growing industry that require no construction or design skills. Careers in fashion include design, which is best suited for creative types who live to make their mark and express themselves through the clothes they wear and create. However, if you have an eye for trends and impeccable taste, careers in fashion merchandising may be more suited to you. Other alternatives for fashion jobs include fashion journalism, product management, fashion public relations and many more post fashion school jobs.