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The exciting and fast-paced world of fashion is constantly evolving, and in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, we at have compiled a list of the Top 100 Fashion Design Blogs. When it comes to fashion news and inside scoops, these blogs stand head and shoulders above the rest. So put on those cute designer reading glasses and get the latest fashion buzz.

The Sartorialist
This blogging authority highlights the best fashions as seen on the streets of some of the world's biggest cities, including New York, Paris, and Milan. Getting insights into what the man -- or woman -- on the street is wearing can help you learn more about what's hot in design and to become inspired. Recent posts include On the Street ... The Statement Necklace, Paris, On the Street ... Luke on 12th St., New York, On the Street ... Viv Bright, Milan.

Smashing Darling
This comprehensive blog features young and developing fashion designers, including apparel, accessories, and jewelry. Many posts feature products or lines, but others offer more extensive interviews with new designers. Check out the recent "Gift Giving" series, including "For the Jewelry Lover, For the Girl Who Loves Accessories, For the One Who Never Has Enough Handbags.

Fashion Incubator
This blog promises young fashion designers the opportunity to network with and learn from " clothing industry professionals including manufacturers, sales reps, buyers, factors, sewing contractors, suppliers, pattern makers and designers." Recent posts include Pattern Puzzle: Fashionarium Paper, Using Interns or Consultants for Sourcing. Or, the Blind Leading the Blinder, Tutorial: One-Piece Neck and Sleeveless Facing.

Final Fashion
Danielle Meder is a fashion illustrator who shares her insights and knowledge on this blog. She also talks about " fashion trend theory and independent creative career realization." Some recent posts include The Insider Issue, Seven Types of Fashion Designers, The Fashion Week Thriving Kit.

Style Bubble
This blog of writer and editor Susie Bubble shares "her widely read thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent." Some recent posts include Floral Feet, Atelje, One Night Only For Real.

Pattern School
Aspiring fashion designers can use this blog to learn how to make close-fit, stretch-wear patterns, such as for swim and dancewear. There are also discussions about recent trends in the industry. Some recent posts include Direct to Textile Digital Printing, Eclipse Textiles, Pattern Magic.

This online magazine specializes in "Stalking and hunting down style notes from all genres of culture including: music, art, design, photography, technology, pop culture, advertising, and of course, fashion, Trendland dishes out a multi-course menu of new ideas each day." Some recent posts include Vionnet Jewelry, Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fashionistas, G.V.G.V. Spring/Summer.

Design Scene
Get updates about fashion style and design at this blog, which covers fashion, photography, art, and more. Posts offer quick overviews of designs for easy-to-digest updates. Recent posts include Nevada Schaefer by Christian Rios, Calvin Klein Jeans and Accessories Fall Winter 2011.12, Charlotte by Matthew Lyn.

Access Adornment
Get a more focused discussion of design on this blog, specifically about "knitwear and alternate style." Formerly called "Access Fashion," this blog highlights funky designs from around the Internet. Some recent posts include Mama, You Know We Love You, Doodle Art Wood Bracelets, Black and White and Read All Over.

Haute Nature
Who knew nature could be so fashionable? Well green is the new black on this blog, which explores ways that natural materials, recycled items and eco-friendly techniques are used to make fashion and other designs. Some recent fashion-related posts include Lara Miller: Eco Fashion, Poketo: Recycled Leather Bags, Natalie Dissel: Sustainable Jewelry.

Design Loft
Esther is a 14-year design veteran who specializes in the manufacturing and selling of children's clothes, and her blog explores "children's clothing design and the book arts." There are numerous tutorials and discussion about design. Some recent posts include Understanding Basic Block Patterns, The Story of the Eddie Bauer Dress, Fixing Another Blouse.

Fashion Indie
Independent fashion designers can have their work showcased here, as well as learn about other up-and-coming designers and finding inspiration in the work of others. Some recent posts include The Top 25 Fashion Moments of 2011, Shoe Envy: United Nude Abstract Pump, Color Blocking is Just a Matter of Common&Sense.

Couture in the City
Get fashion inspiration and learn about fellow designers and the latest trends on this blog. Some recent posts include Donning Donatella, Fall Trend: Blazing Hot 'Red', Trending Outerwear.

The Cool Hunter
Check out what the latest designers are creating and what the latest trends are in the fashion industry on this extensive blog. Some recent posts include Man Up, Authenticity Either Is or Isn't, Malababa - Spanish Leather Goods.

Show Studio
Explore the fashions and design influences found in film on this unique blog. Check out recent posts Fashion Mix by Liberty Ross Now Launched, Night Night from Morocco, Sleep Paralysis.

Counterfeit Chic
"The history of fashion is a tale of innovation, but also of imitation. Trendsetters create and embrace new styles, but without copycats there would be no trends. This tension lies at the heart of Counterfeit Chic." Here you'll find discussions about the art of imitation, the sociological trends influencing counterfeit goods, and discovering a unique talent. Some recent posts include Kardashian Kollection Kopies Botkier Bag, Kate and DupliKate: Reflections on a Royal Wedding Dress, Battle of the Saints: YSL Accused of Stealing Laboutin's Sole.

Design Crack
Get the inside scoop on the best designs in fashion, as well as art, architecture, and more. Some recent posts include Plug Rings: The Perfect Wedding Rings?, Insane Shoes Seen in Milan, Osloh Jeans: Cycling Becomes Truly Fashionable.

Advanced Style
The Sartorialist for the Golden Years -- this blog captures the most stylish fashions spotted on the elderly on the streets of New York. Some recent posts include A Wonderful Hat, Should We Ever Stop Playing Dress Up?, The Story Behind Style.

Style Hive
Get discussions of the latest trends in fashion, designer developments, and even some tips on how to replicate your own fashions on this blog. Some recent posts include DIY Valentino Inspired Studded Clutch, Trend Report: Shiny Short Shorts!, Trend Report: 5 Animal Prints You Need Now.

Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill started photographing the people around him on the streets of Brooklyn, and the project evolved to include shoots and interviews in his home about personal style and cultural influences. Some recent posts include Ann Greene Kelly New York, Mr. Natty New York, Rebecca Byron Brooklyn NY.

Styled On
Learn about fashion and design, as well as "market appointments, fashion week, sample sales, ridiculous music videos and everything else" on this blog. Posts are picture intensive for lots of fashion inspiration!

Nova Style
Get the best snippets of fashion, design, and beauty from sources around the Web on this extensive blog. Find inspiration and learn about the latest trends. Some recent posts include Re-Thinking Thakoon, Fashion Food, Day in the Clouds.

Another Fashion Book
This blog discusses the latest designs, talks about what works and what doesn't, and introduces new designers. Some recent posts include New Year, New Color: Tangerine Tango, New Artist Nicky Nylon, Icy or Spicy Nicki Minaj in a Fur with Fendi Shoes and LV Bag.

Kingdom of Style
Learn about fashion, style, music and design and find plenty of inspiration on this extensive blog. Some recent posts include Caped Crusaders, Theory of Fun, Calm in a Storm.

Go Fug Yourself
This blog gives you a lesson in what not to wear or create, pointing out fashion's missteps. Targets include designers, red-carpet wear, and fashions seen on TV. Check out recent posts Collette Fugfe, Fug or Fab: Charlize Theron, Fub or Fab: Sandra Bullock.

Phosphene Fashion
This blog author often appears as the model for the design inspiration she finds and shares. Other posts discuss the latest collections and trends. Check out recent posts Theyskens' Theory Spring 2012, 9111, 81811.

Knight Cat
Find design inspiration from the latest fashions, accessories, art, and decor on this blog. Some recent posts include Rag and Bone DIY, Tabula Rasa, Thylane.

Adeline Rapon
Inspiration isn't limited to fashion design on this French blog, which features extensive pictures of great fashion design, decor, and art. Though the text may be in French, you won't need a translator to understand the stunning visuals on this blog. Some recent posts include Desolee D'etre si Peu Active, la Fatigue est plus Forte que Tort, Le Gouter de Noel Chez Boucheron, Pyjama.

The Lingerie Addict
As this blog's tag line states: "There's no 12 step program for this!" Find lots of discussion about and inspiration for fashionable lingerie, including some DIY information. Some recent posts include Coco Cavaliere Lingerie, Lingerie School: The Little Black Lingerie Project, Full Busted Shapewear: Solutions for Curvy Girls.

Too Many Tights!
Fashion addictions are ubiquitous. Here you'll find a healthy love for tights, as well as information about J. Lillis' work designing custom printed nylon tights. Some recent posts include Going Down in a Blaze of Nylon, The Killer's Vanilla, The Bounty Hunter is My Kind of Scum.

Become inundated with the latest in fashion design and find inspiration for your next works on this blog. Some recent posts include Tropical Heat: Aquazzura Footwear, Abbey Lee Altnerate, Shimmy and Shine.

Face Hunter
This London blog offers "eye candy for the style hungry," including snap shots from the streets of some of the world's most fashionable cities. Find design inspiration from around the world.

Oh Joy!
Inspiration can be found everywhere. This blog explores design both in and out of the fashion world. Learn about designers for decor, art, clothing, and much more.

The Sewing Divas
Get the inside scoop on sewing, fashion, and design from these working designers who share their tips and tricks on their blog. There are also reviews of books and profiles of designers. Some recent posts include Shingo Sato Designer, Leather Fashion Design, Faux Ribs for Faux Fur.

Paco Peralta
Get insights into the life of a working designer and pick up some tips for creating your own garments on this blog. The blog is a mix of English and Spanish, so you may have to use a translation tool to get all the content. Some recent posts include Blusa - Alteraciones Sobre el Patron, Vogue Paris Original - Yves Saint Laurent, 'Coolie' Jacket.

Verbal Croquis
This is the blog of a fashion designer who is also "an observer and critic of trends in clothes, business, the psychology of the desirable, and the socio-economic cause and effect intertwined." Her blog shares her designs, her experiences as a working designer, and her thoughts about the fashion industry. Some recent posts include Preserve Your Thickness, Spring 2011, Ship, Then Test.

Fashion Loves People
This blog about ethical fashion features "brands that respect people and the environment, including eco-friendly, fair trade, for-benefit, vintage, indie-designed and heritage items." Learn about the latest in ethical fashion design and pick up some tips for choosing or creating more eco-friendly fashions. Some recent posts include Anatomy of a String-Wrapped Rope Necklace, Implications of the Fashion Industry: So Much Broader than We Realize, The IOU Project.

Garbage Dress
Zana Bayne is a fashion designer living in New York, and her blog shares her insights into the fashion industry, design trends, and the life of a working designer. Some recent posts include Studio Visit: Kerin Rose aka a-Morir, Char Alfonzo x Jeremy Wardlaw x Brooklyn, Early Resolutions.

Geometric Sleep
Get a look at design through the eyes of a New York stylist on this blog. There are insights about the fashion industry and the latest trends. Some recent posts include Talents Shooting 31, Patent Everything, Mawiage is What Bwings us to Comme Today.

Igor and Andre
Art and fashion illustration provide plenty of design inspiration on this visually stunning blog. Check out recent posts The Velvet Dress Girl, Valentino F/W 11.12, Marie and the Peach Rose.

Into the Gloss
This blog is dedicated to fashion from an insider's view point. " You’ll find influencers from editors to stylists and models divulging their carefully curated products, routines and inspirations. You’ll find makeup artists, hair stylists and myriad other specialists talking about what makes them tick, their top tools, and their visions of what’s to come."

Is Mental
Here you'll find commentary about the latest design trends and fashion industry developments. Some recent posts include The Drug and the Dream, Time Will Tell, Do Your Thing.

Jak & Jil
This blog takes the minimalist approach, preferring to showcase the fashions without any commentary. Find page after page of beautiful fashion design and inspiration.

The Blog Whisperer
Enjoy beautiful photos of the latest fashion design, as well as home decor, interior design, and more. Some recent posts include The Boney and the Beautiful FW 2011, The Glow - Fashion's Chicest Moms, Wendy's Lookbook.

Lulu and Your Mom
Get commentary on some of the latest designs and designers on this blog. Some recent posts include Rafael, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Take Flight.

Madame Says
Pippa Brooks is the "madame" in Madame Says, and she works as a fashion designer, DJ, and writer. Her blog shares her experiences and her reflections on current design and fashion. Some recent posts include Age Appropriate, Gareth Pugh for MAC, Bishi.

Painfully Hip
" Painfully Hip is a fashion blog written by renowned wardrobe stylist and fashion editor Amber Mortensen." Get commentary about all the latest designs and trends, and find out how to replicate them on a budget. Some recent posts include The Unrepentant Tourist - Barrio Vintage, Honolulu, Check Me Out: Sans MSG, Check Me Out: Egyptian Wedding.

Park and Cube
Find lots of design inspiration and commentary on this visually stunning blog. You'll even find a DIY post or two. Check out recent posts Snood Brace, Hermes, Mon Nouvel Ami, Superwarm Jellyfish.

Rare Autumn
This blog explores how books, in particular, can be used as inspiration for fashion, art, and other design. Get a brief description of featured books, as well as selected photos to fuel your designer impulses.

Street Pepper
Here's another take on the man-on-the-street fashion blog. Find funky designs and inspirations as seen on the streets of some of the world's largest cities. The pictures speak for themselves. Some recent posts include Nurse Vuitton, Chanel Pearls, Studded Valentino Clutch.

Random Fashion Coolness
Here you'll find features of up-and-coming designers and collections, including commentary and interviews, as well as other "random fashion coolness." Some recent posts include Branching Out, Stripes, The Shop Floor Project.

Style Salvage
Explore men's style and get in-depth commentary about design for menswear. Some recent posts include My Coat, My Gift from Wooyoungmi, Braille SS12, Treasured Items ... Mr. Hare.

The Business of Fashion
This blog offers in-depth commentary about the fashion industry. All aspiring and working designers can find valuable information and insights here. Some recent posts include The Rise, Stumble and Future of Gilt Groupe's Business Model, The Long View - Why Fashion Brands Need APIs, The Creative Class - Kate Lanphear.

The Coveted
Read all about designs to covet and discover your own style or design inspiration. Some recent posts include Cloaking Device, Winter Floral Dress, Finding the Perfect Blazer.

The Cutting Class
Learn all about design on this blog, including construction techniques, history and theory, and information about fabrics and textiles. Lessons are inspired by current runway fashions and techniques. Some recent posts include Raglan Details at Proenza Schouler, Disciplined Monochrome at Gareth Pugh, Incredible Feathered Headpieces at Junya Watanabe.

The Divinitus
This spare, photo-centered blog features design inspiration with a focus on the details. Some recent posts include Like 20111216, Wear 20111215, Wear 20111212.

The Emperor's Old Clothes
This blog offers "a cold blooded, no holds barred, unapologetic take on the glamorous underbelly of fashion." Some recent posts include Go Big or Go Home, Loulou de la Falaise, Spin.

Turned Out
This photo-intensive blog offers snapshots of fashion and design for everyday inspiration. Some recent posts include Summer Shorts, Winter, Waisted, Girls Lower East Side.

Jennyvi Dizon Couture
This design house creates bridal and evening wear, and the blog gives an insider's view of the design industry. Some recent posts include Finding Passion, Just Being Happy, Some Pleasant Surprises.

A Continuous Lean
" A Continuous Lean serves as a discovery agent for those with an appreciation of quality, style and provenance." Some recent posts include The Lure of the Borsalino at JJ Hat Center, Beauty & Youth Autumn Winter 2011, Black Watch and Orange.

" Antimonide is a platform that aims to promote young designers. We are committed to giving you the latest news on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends from our own selection of innovative brands and designers." Some recent posts include Deborah Turbeville, 'Dream-Catcher' Collection, Under the Sea.

Get commentary about the latest designers and their collections, fashion news, and more on this blog. Some recent posts include Is Lindsay Lohan Finally Getting her S**t Together? A Look Back at her Sartorial Progress in 2011, Street Style: Kyle has Dynamic Cold-Weather Style, Honor Pre-Fall 2012: Messy Perfection.

Free People
This blog chronicles the work of the Free People group, whose members " sort through fabric swatches, take photos, share ideas, video, art, food and culture, and travel the world in search of inspiration to create fashion that reflects our creative, independent, impressively-bold and free-spirited FP girl." Some posts share designs and fashion, while others share recipes, art, travel, and more. Some recent posts include Style File: Sample Coordinator, Office Style: The Family Jewels, December Catalog Behind the Scenes.

The Curvy Fashionista
Learn all about fashion and designs for women who don't fit the typical model mode on this blog. Some recent posts include A Few of My Favorite Things, Style Q and A: New Year's Eve Plus Size Shape Wear Options, Talking Business ... with Marie Denee.

Addicted to YSL
This blog is dedicated to vintage designs and fashions, or those inspired by vintage design. Check out recent posts Yoox, Look What You Made Me Do, Coincidence or No?, Awesome Vtg Leather Jacket.

Beehive Girl
Beehive Girl shares her process and her experiences creating eco-friendly designs from recycled and renewable resources. Sometimes, the result is wearable fashion, and other times, it is art. Check out Patched Star, Peach Onion, Road to Mushroom.

Fred Butler Style
Fred Butler is a stylist and accessories designer who " works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one-off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of a shoot." Her blog shares her experiences and insights. Some recent posts include Robert Storey Studio, Hannah Martin Studio Visit, Alun Davies Profile and Studio Visit.

District of Chic
Find lots of design commentary and inspiration on this blog, which features many pictures of the blog's author modeling her personal style. Some recent posts include Winter Whispers, Santa Baby, The Road Goes on Forever.

Artfully Awear
This designer takes his inspiration from the Oscar Wilde quote "one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." On a budget, this designer produces "daily outfits inspired by artwork from all different genres, mediums, and eras." Some recent posts include Art to Wear: Sacred Heart, Funk Art, Booooooom Remake.

Frock Yeah
Get the latest designer and collection news on this personal blog, which features extensive pictures from the runway and other sources of inspiration. Some recent posts include London Fashion Week ... Which Happened Ages Ago, Best of NYFW Spring 2012, NYFW: United Bamboo, VPL, Vivienne Tam, Yigal Azrouel.

La Petite Fashionista
Fashion blogger and merchandising student, Lauren, "muses about her inspirations, forecasts future trends, features up and coming labels, and writes about her experiences as a fashion student trying to break into the industry." Some recent posts include Mad for Monograms, Latest Lust: Luxe Lounging, Cute Coats for Chilly Winter.

Rosalita Fashionista
Rosalita is a designer, illustrator, and art director, and her blog shares her love of fashion, insights about design, and her working experiences. Some recent posts include Let the Jameson Sink In, Fierce, The Belt Post.

Find plenty of design inspiration on this photo-intensive blog. Some recent posts include White Noise, Sometimes I Think I Was Born Backwards, Pockets Full of Dust.

This blog spotlights shoe designers and the latest trends in footwear. Some recent posts include Designer Showcase: Vicente Rey, The Rise of Cultural Chic, Pump it Up!.

Fashion Me Fabulous
This fashion blog provides daily style tips, including where to find fashions on a budget. It also includes a regular feature on up-and-coming designers. Some recent posts include Project Design: Beetle Jewelry, Project Design: Envelope Clutches, Project Design: Seaside Inspired.

Liz Blair's Art and Fashion
Liz Blair features her fashion illustrations, as well as photos of funky and innovative fashion designs for inspiration. Some recent posts include Felted Hats, Scarves, and Bags from Jannio on Etsy, Dresses with Boots for Fall, Black Lotus Clothing on Etsy.

Look Closer
Find lots of fashion and design inspiration in this photo-centered blog. Some recent posts include Young Kate, Over My Shoulder, Fresh Face.

Sartorially Correct
Here you'll find opinions and advice about fashion and design, including reviews and recommendations. Some recent posts include How to ... Layer Stripes!, Hermione Granger and Haute Couture, 8-inch Whaaat?.

Style Anthem
Style and design inspiration abound on this photo-heavy blog. Check out recent posts The Age of Relevance, Mad Hatter, Her Style is Wonderland.

Summer Teeth
Find reviews and commentary of the latest fashions and designers on this blog, which also features an extensive collection of artistic and inspirational photos. Some recent posts include First On, Last Off, Stables, Stolen Inspiration.

Stylish Thought
Get inspiration to "dress outside the box" or to create your own designs. This site features reviews, commentary, and interviews with new designers. Some recent posts include Women Who Werk: Sheena Johnson-Scott, Women Who Werk: Tamara Johnson, Women Who Werk: Kelli Caldwell.

The Minx
Here's another photo-intensive blog offering you design and fashion inspiration through showcasing collections or found objects and personal style. Some recent posts include Profile Pic, Fall Favorites Round-Up, Wilhelms Scream.

The Stylish Wanderer
Get views and commentary on fashion and design from the younger generation via this blog from a 16-year-old writer. Some recent posts include Walk Like a Man, Snakeskin, Ashish Spring 2012.

This blog shares new designer pieces and inspiration derived from fashion and art. Some recent posts include New Pins, Snuggle, Chrsitian Holscher.

Elaine Perlov's Blog
Elaine Perlov is a fashion designer living in Brooklyn, and her blog shares her work and her experiences in the industry. Get commentary on insights about design, the fashion industry, art, and much more.

Fashion Design Blog
This blog from the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design shares information for fashion design students and aspiring designers. There are tips, job postings, designer profiles, and much more.

Fabulously Green
This blog is a "source for modern fashion and interior design finds with a fabulously 'green' twist." Some recent posts include Remarkable, Recycled Dresses, Hot Swimsuits, Cooler Plant, One Dress, 365 Ways.

This eco-friendly blog features green fashions and designers who use renewable and sustainable resources. Some recent posts include Jewelry by Pippa Small: Impactful and Joyous (in More Ways than Just Aesthetically), Handmade Hair Accessories Trend: Matching Themed Pins, Linda Rennell's Personal Textile Creations Transform Clothes into Casual Wearable Art.

This blog promotes indie fashion designers, photographers, and style trends. Some recent posts include Handcut Purple Organza Dress Indie Fashion Designer Leanimal, Wool Herringbone and Leather Spats by Designer Ashes and Empires, Oda Fashion Design Purple and Yellow Lace Dress.

Fashion and Interior Design Blog
This blog from Missouri State University focuses on helping fashion design students and aspiring designers. Posts feature events at the school, as well as opportunities for young designers, tips, and advice.

The Green Loop
Learn all about eco-friendly designers and "green beauty" on this blog. Some recent posts include Ladies, It's Time to Work the Plaid and Boots, Top 5 Eco Winter Coats, Ecco Domani Introduces New Sustainable Design Award.

Miss Malaprop
This blog presents "indie finds for your uncommon life." Some recent posts include Haute and Handmade: A Showcase of Southern Contemporary Couture, Crazy Colorful Handcrafted Shoes by Osborn, Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gold Jewelry by Amara Gold.

A Fashion Design Blog
This blog "is a space that curates design, art, music, culture and everything that a fashion designer can drive inspiration from." Some recent posts include Beautiful Bird - Mesparrow, Mister Coppola, Spring Summer 20/12 Teasers.

Fashion Careers College
Learn all about careers in the fashion industry with this blog from the San Diego-based college. Get news, tips, industry features, and much more.

Costume Design Blog
Learn all about the art and business of costume design on this blog. Many of the same principles and theories can be applied to the broader fashion design industry, especially haute couture. Some recent posts include Sources of Inspiration, How You Can Turn Any School Subject into a Costume Focused Study, Portfolios - The Physical Real-World Kind.

Design Phan
This blog focuses on highlighting design in Philadelphia, including fashion, art, graphics, and all other forms of design. Some recent posts include Philadelphia Produces Original Design, The 4mula for Designing with Succulence, Design is ____.

Cut on the Bias
Learn all about the latest in design and fashion industry trends on this blog. Some recent posts include Men's Spring Must Haves, Trendtracker for the Trendsetter, Express Yourself with Accessories.

Fern Mitchell
This blog offers an open forum for fashion designers and artists to share their work and their thoughts. Some recent posts include Black Models are in Fashion, It Seems, Dressing the Goth-Punk Heroine of 'Dragon Tattoo', Fashion Photos of the Week.

Toronto Styles
Get the latest on designs and fashion trends in Toronto from this blog. Some recent posts include Cougar Boots - Portico Brown, Behind the Scenes of Flare Sept 2011, Joanna Hillman.

39th and Broadway
"This blog is devoted to fashion insiders who work in New York’s garment center and the fashion industry and need a place to gossip, vent and network." The blog is no longer being updated, but aspiring fashionistas can still find plenty of interesting material here. Check out Fashion's Rent, Denim Disaster, The Myth of the Stupid Fashionista.